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The history of Maria Elena Headpieces is not just the story of a business, but the story of a family. Over a decade ago, Maria Elena created her very first headpiece as a mother's gift to her daughter Marile to wear on her wedding day. This headpiece was not just an accessory, but was and is a precious family heirloom that will be passed down through the generations of their family.

Today, Maria Elena and Marile wish to share this gift with brides everywhere-- to sell you headpieces that were created with the same love and commitment that Maria Elena had when she created Marile's bridal headpiece, and to provide you with the beautiful design, excellent quality and unsurpassed customer service that we are committed to at Maria Elena Headpieces.


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A Crown Suitable for a Queen

Maria Elena has earned her position at the top of the bridal fashion accessories market with her originality and trend setting fashions. She has the uncanny ability to combine her signature look with a modern blend that cultivates style, while simultaneously creating a timeless heirloom. Her collections rank among the finest available, and have been regularly featured by upscale designers and national and international media. Her recent accessory that has been causing a lot of [...]

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Maria Elena Origins & Inspirations

The story of Maria Elena is truly what the American Dream exemplifies. Her passion and ingenuity brought her ideas to life with the help of her first inspiration, her daughter. Maria Elena has always pushed the limits of creativity and elegance, overcoming every obstacle that comes her way from the beginning of her career. At a young age, she started her journey with jewelry. Dabbling with some designs until she [...]

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Fall / Winter 2016 Collection

The Maria Elena Headpieces Fall/ Winter 2016 collection evokes a beautiful sense of calm, with its soft antique gold tones and delicate lilacs complemented by a hint of blush and ivory. Leading to provoke a sense of absolute wonder from the color combinations, and designs, of each individual handcrafted and handset [...]

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